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iI am so grateful to Kary for her expert guidance that provided us with the hypnobirthing and relaxation skills we needed to get the birth experience of our daughter we wanted. It resulted in a medication-free, smooth birthing experience that had the hospital staff in awe. I've even used the relaxation techniques since then and I expect to use them for the rest of my life.        K.L.

I have been terrified of flying forever. I was considering walking to Florida to avoid the plane.  However, after speaking with Kary for just a few minutes, my life changed.  I had no problem with flying.  I actually enjoyed it.  I can't imagine the changes my life would have if I spent  half an hour with her.!  God bless you so much.  I am your devoted fan forever.     M.M.

Although my experiences working with Kary have always been memorable, the last time was exceptional.. Having explained about the neuropathy I was feeling down my arm and into my hand (as a result of chemotherapy), she guided me through a visualization which immediately reduced the pain to a slight awareness of mild discomfort.  Using that visualization, on my own, helped me get through many episodes of what often was severe pain.  Her knowledge, as well as her intuition, works hand in hand.  Many thanks, Kary.    J.S.

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